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अखिल भारतीय आयुर्वेद महासम्मेलन

The sages of our country accepted Sharira, the body, as the primary means to accomplish Dhrama. It is believed that simultaneously with the manifestation of the Universe, Ayurveda also came into existence in order to maintain the body in healthy state. It is the first and the oldest science for protection of health and also the mother of all other existing systems of treatment in this world. Maharishi Charak has described Ayurveda as an eternal science. It is the only science which has the credit of protecting the health of our countrymen during the past several thousand years. Ayurveda is also an integral part of the Indian culture. Even today about 75% of the population of our country is being benefited by this system.

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The All India Ayurvedic Congress has been working  for the Revival of Ayurvedic Science and Ayurvedic Physicians. In the series of significant Achievements and with the efforts of AIAC Postal Stamps Issued by Department of Post. Govt. of India MASTER HEALERS OF AYUSH

Shastri Shankar Daji Pade
Shastri Shankar Daji Pade is revered for his prolific writing skills, scholarships, deep thinking
Bhaskar Vishwanath Gokhale
Bhaskar Vishwanath Gokhale was a sighted visionary and eminent Ayurveda physician.
Yadav Ji Trikam Ji Acharya
Yadav Ji Trikam Ji Acharya was a bright luminary and successful practitioner of Ayurveda.
Brihaspati Dev Triguna
Brihaspati Dev Triguna was an accomplished Ayurvedic physician and scholar.
K Raghavan Thirumulpad
K Raghavan Thirumulpad was an eminent Ayurvedic and Sanskrit scholar.
K Raghavan Thirumulpad was an eminent Ayurvedic and Sanskrit scholar. He was a proponent of classical Ayurveda and symbolized a harmonious mix of ethics and rationality in the practice of medicine.

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Membership of All India Ayurvedic Congress makes you prestigious Ayurvedic physician and entitles you to attend meetings of District branches, Sate branches and also various committees and plenary session of All India Ayurvedic Congress.