Education & Training

The facilities for education and training of the Ayurvedic science were virtually non-existent in the country when the All India Ayurvedic Congress was founded. The negligent attitude towards Ayurveda of the then Government and the policy of propagation and expansion of Allopathic system by the British rulers, in pursuance of their vested interests, had brought Ayurveda in a very deplorable condition.

Hence the All India Ayurveda Vidyapeeth was started in the year 1910 to function as the Academic wing of the Ayurvedic Congress. The Vidyapeeth made elaborate arrangements for teaching and training of Ayurveda throughout the country. More than 65,000 well trained Ayurvedic graduates produced by the Vidyapeeth are rendering health care service to the suffering masses even in far flung remote rural areas of the country. The Chopra Committee formed by the Government of India in 1946, stated in its report that during all the vicissitudes of times the graduates of the Vidyapeeth alone kept Ayurveda alive.