Propagation of Ayurveda in Foreign Countries

It is a tribute to Ayurvedic science that even the most advanced countries are now inclined to adopt the Ayurvedic system of medicine under various names like traditional medicine or herbal medicine. Ayurvedic Scholars of the All India Ayurvedic Congress have played a significant role in introducing and propagating Ayurveda abroad. They are still continuing this work relentlessly under the inspiring guidance of late Pt. Shiv Sharma, Padma Vibhushan Rajvaidya Briháspati Dev Triguna and many others. As a result of all these efforts, the Government of Mauritius accorded recognition and gave a legal status to Ayurveda in their country by enacting a law to this effect in 1990. Presently, in as many as 20 countries of the world, research work in Ayurveda is going on with great enthusiasm and it is likely to be boosted further in the near future.

Ayurveda in Abroad

Ayurveda System of Medicine is recognized in addition to India in the countries of Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Mauritius and also in Hungry which is a European country. Ayurveda or a similar system like Ayurveda is also recognized in Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, etc. In recent few decades sort term Ayurvedic teaching and training started in the countries like Italy, U.K., Australia and even in USA. However Ayurveda as a system of Medicine is yet be recognized in America and European countries. Our efforts through National and International Conferences should be to spread proper knowledge of Ayurveda to these countries , their people and also administrator so that this holistic system of life science gains more popularity and recognition in these countries.

Ayurvedic drugs are becoming popular in European and American countries; though not recognized as drug but as food supplement or even Health Care Aid including Herbal cosmetics. We should also make efforts at our own level so that Ayurvedic drugs are prepared with genuine and identified ingredients , process of preparation should be as per Ayurvedic texts and final products should also be of pharmacopoeial standard. The Ayurveda is not for only individual and only for a group of people of countries and only for business but it should be really for welfare of mankind and we have to move in that direction.