Publication of Ayurved Mahasammelan Patrika

In order to keep the Ayurvedic community acquainted with the activities and achievements of the Congress and to apprise them of the attitude, policies and programmes of the Government with regard to the development of the Ayurvedic science, the Congress started as its mouth piece a monthly Ayurvedic magazine in the year 1913. Research oriented articles of reputed and distinguished scholars, on the subjects concerning medicine and fundamental principles of Ayurveda, are published in this magazine. Besides, it has gone a long way in strengthening the organizational aspect of the Congress. This magazine entitled “Ayurved Mahasammelan Patrika” is now in the 98th year of publication. It is the oldest and the widely recognized Ayurvedic magazine of the country at present.

It was hoped that new avenues for development of Ayurveda will open with the attainment of freedom by the country and it will be given a due place in the National health services. It is regrettable that even after 72 years of independence the time has not yet come when the masses of the country could avail the benefits of Ayurveda’s potentiality in full.

To start with, administration and implementation of Government Policies and Programmes on Ayurveda was in the hands of Directorates of Health Services, which was headed and staffed by Allopathic Doctors who are generally prejudiced against Ayurveda. The A.I.A.C. made persistent efforts for appointment of an adviser in Ayurveda in Planning Commission and establishment of separate department of Ayurveda in the Centre, so that proper and viable schemes for development and large scale utilization of Ayurveda could be evolved and their implementation ensured without hindrance.

Besides this, appointment of Vaidyas in Rural Health Scheme, providing health care services based on Ayurveda in the Rural Health Centers, opening of Ayurvedic wings in every hospital run by the Central and State Governments and local and civic bodies, up gradation of hospitals attached to Ayurvedic teaching institutions etc. are some of the other important matters which are currently engaging attention of the All India Ayurvedic Congress.

It is a matter of satisfaction that the Central Government has created separate Ministry of AYUSH for development of AYUSH system and some of the State Governments, acceding to the demands of A.I.A.C., have since decided to open an Ayurvedic/ISM wing in Allopathic hospitals as a matter of policy.