Pandit Shiv Sharma

Pandit Shiv Sharma

Pandit Shiv Sharma completed qualification of Ayurvedacharya in 1928. He was senior professor in D.A.V. Ayurvedic College, Lahore. He had been extremely popular Ayurveda physician and great orator both in English and Hindi. His contribution and efforts for promotion of Ayurveda among the educated society, politicians and policy makers is matchless. During the pre and post-independence era Pandit Shiv Sharma led the Ayurvedic profession of the country with clear vision and focus. His tireless efforts brought the Ayurvedic profession together through the All India Ayurvedic Congress of which he went on to become the youngest ever president, a position he held for 8 terms, i.e. 1938, 39,51,54,55,65 & 67.

He also served as President of Punjab Provincial Ayurvedic Congress, Himachal Pradesh Ayurvedic Congress, Maharashtra State Ayurvedic Congress, Ayurvedic section, Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Baroda.

The placing the CCIM&H bills in Parliament and getting passed, thus providing Ayurveda the real official status as a system of medicine is in his credit. He was one of the main Architect and first President of Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) and played commendable role in protecting the interests of Ayurveda and Ayurveda practitioners. His contribution was also recognized across the border as award of Popes Medal from his Holiness Pope Paul VI and offering of Life Membership of the Commonwealth Parliamentary. Pt. Shiv Sharma was also nominated as Asian Director to World Federation of Life Sciences Melbourne, Australia and also award of Shree Surya and Ayurveda Chakravarti from Govt. of Sri Lanka.

He was also the first Honorary Ayurvedic Physician to the President of India and also a Member of Parliament.

He was honoured by the Dhanwantari Foundation award and also with the Ayurved Ratnakar. He also held position of strategic importance such as Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board of Ayurvedic Research Group & Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board of Ayurvedic Research Group & Task Force of Indian Medicine for the 5th Five Year Plan of Medicine during the 6th Five Year Plan.

An orator par excellence with an acerbic sense of humour, Pt. Shiv Sharma authored several books, articles and papers which were published nationally and internationally to bring the various streams of science ,culture and their flag holders to a stage for the purpose of fruitful outcome for the benefit of humanity.

He was associated with most of the welfare projects sponsored, by the Rotary Club of Bombay as a Member and as a former Director and Chairman of the Fellowship and International Service Committees; associated with the welfare activities of MUNA (Maharashtra United Nations Association) and other religious and social bodies. i.e. Arya Samaj, Sanatan Dharma, Animal Welfare Association; working for the cause of the sick etc.

He was a life member of the PEN, has contributed widely to the leading literary and scientific periodicals of India and Ceylon; invited by UNESCO-SASCO to deliver an invitation lecture and by the Medical Faculty of Rochester University, New York, U.S.A., to lecture on “The Ayurvedic Medicine”.

He was awarded with

  • Padma Bhushan
  • Ayurveda Ratnakatra—Jagadguru Shan-karacharya of Dwaraka Peetha
  • Vaidya Ratna—Government of India (pre-Independence)
  • Ayurveda Chakravarti—Ceylon
  • Vidya Varidhi—All India, Vedanta Sammelan (Pushkar)
  • Ayurveda Martanda—Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya
  • Ayurveda Vrihaspati—Jhansi Ayurveda Vishwa-vidyalaya
  • Ayurveda Shiromani—Rishikula Vidya-peeth, Hardwar
  • Ayurveda Mahopadhyaya— Ayurveda Academy, Hyderabad
  • Pranacharya—Shri Indraprastheeya Vaidya Sabha Delhi
  • Pope’s Medal—from, H. H. Pope Paul VI
  • Saropa conferred at Gurudwara Patna Sahib